Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who framed Roger Robot ?

Roger Federer Unbuttoned

by Roger Cohen here

Those who supported Nadal in last year's Wimbledon final probably did so because of Nadal by contrast is very human . Cohen is probably incorrect in characterising Federer as close to a robot ; he is more the dignified gentleman.

An earlier article by the late David Foster Wallace here(with some poetic license on a specific stroke).

Nadal as counter-point here.

Perhaps Federer is a Sirius , the brightest and predictable star and Nadal is a comet , brilliant , breath-taking and unpredictable in the "longer" scheme of things.

And an earlier generation will laud Laver who rightly said :"I don't think you can compare eras.You can be the dominant performer of your time..."

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